Real-Time, Faster Alpha

Our database is updated as soon as the information hits the wire to help you get ahead of the alpha curve. 

Intuitive Design, Custom Dashboards

Our charts are customizable to deliver exactly the information need and can be saved to your personal dashboard for future use. 

Our data, Your inbox

When your favorite stock has action, you’ll be the first to know with our stock action alerts that are delivered to your inbox.

Big Data, Simplified Charts

Our expansive database is rich with content but is sorted and presented in a way that is intuitive and configurable.  

Big Data, Simplified Delivery

There is a copious amount of raw financial information out on the web from analysts, investment banks and even bloggers, but how do you know who to believe? With predictions hitting the wire each day, some of which contradict each other, are you listening to quality sources of information or is your favorite investment bank shooting from the hip?

Tracour is a custom built, highly responsive, financial tool that scours the web every day for financial predictions. We then take this information, distill it down into its core components and present it to you in a way that is intuitive and helps you reach your alpha, faster.

Custom Dashboards and Widgets

Our data is your data and with our powerful slicing engine, you can create your own widgets and save them to your custom dashboards. Or, if you are not quite ready to go spelunking in our data, we have a selection of pre-configured widgets that will suit a wide variety of investing styles.

By creating your own custom dashboards (which can be done with just a few clicks) you get the latest information right when you login.

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